My stock video is available from several different sites. Many of the clips started life as elements in jobs for clients (e.g. the butterflies, the birds, the smoke and the rain) and I realized how my life would have been easier if I could have simply bought the footage instead of having to create it from scratch. Prices vary from site to site.

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The videos and info on this page are intended to answer some of the questions I've been asked about my stock footage. I plan to add to them as time permits and as questions are asked.


The videos below are low rez examples of some of the videos available from the sites listed at the bottom of this page. They show how the "multi-clips" can be edited into loop-able segments. Their actual size is HD 1080 (1920 x 1080).



This low rez sample video shows a selection of the stock footage of birds. Each clip has been composed over a still image to show some of the effects possible using the black and white footage of bird animations. The free Knoll "UnMult" plugin was used to silhouette the birds against the still backgrounds. They can be layered and tinted and mixed with other stock footage (such as the smoke/fog and rain).

Stock clips used:

Pigeons fly away, flap and swoop | Pigeon flock small | Pigeon flock swoops

Flock of pigeons flies over | Crows flying


22 22

These two low rez sample videos show the six loop-able elements from "Smoke Billows - 3 layers" and "Smoke Drifts - 3 layers".

Stock clips used:

Smoke billows | Smoke drifts

22 22

Two videos made using various smoke elements. Just cut the clips into three seamlessly loop-able, nine second segments and they can be layered, sized, animated, cropped, masked, tinted and looped to assemble an almost infinite number of different 3D, HD smoke effects. In After Effects, the (free) Knoll "UnMult" plugin works very well with all the smoke clips - it creates an Alpha channel and removes the black.

Stock clips used:

Smoke billows | Smoke drifts | Smoke whisps


22 22

Each video shows two looping, hi def particle animations.

Stock clips used:

Large blue glitters | Blue lights and particles | City lights | City lights large


22 22

Two videos showing the three segments in each of the multi-clip videos "Large raindrops" and "Hard rain with splashes"

Stock clips used:

Large raindrops | Hard rain with splashes

22 22

The two videos above were made using elements from "Hard rain", "Hard rain with splashes- 3 layers" and one part of "Smoke Drifts - 3 layers". As with the other multi-clips, just cut the clips into three seamlessly loop-able, nine second segments and they can be layered, sized, animated, cropped, masked, tinted, re-timed and looped over footage or stills to assemble an almost infinite number of different 3D, HD effects. In After Effects, try layering clips with the opacity around 50%, using the excellent (free) Knoll "UnMult" plugin - different opacity settings on the different layers give different feelings of depth.

Stock clips used:

Hard rain | Hard rain with splashes | Smoke drifts


22 22

Videos showing the two looping clips in each of the two rushing water videos. Just cut either of these videos into two seamlessly loop-able, fourteen second segments and they can be looped indefinitely.

Stock clips used:

Rushing water loops 01 | Rushing water loops 02


22 22

The two videos above each show the separate elements from two hypno clips. Each segment runs just under ten seconds and is seamlessly loop-able - just cut the video into three pieces and you'll have three endlessly looping videos.

Stock clips used:

Hypno spiral loops | Hypno loops


A growing number of my stock footage clips are "multi-clips" - they consist of separate elements (usually two or three), each of which is seamlessly loop-able. For example, a 27 second multi-clip, made up of three, nine second loopable segments, can be cut into three equal parts, each of which can be set to loop indefinitely.


Some of these loop-able segments are also designed to be used as 3D layers (e.g. the smoke and the rain). The segments from these multi-clips can be set to loop and can also be offset in 3D space so that they appear to have 3D volume. They can be layered, combined, repeated, re-sized, offset in time, animated, cropped, masked, screened, tinted and looped, allowing for the creation of an almost infinite number of different 3D, HD effects.


Some of the clips contain alpha or luma mattes. If you don't know how to use these, search online and discover their uses as masks. I've heard from people who have converted my footage to use in Flash and have successfully used the luma mattes there too. The black and white clips of the birds can used as luma mattes, so the birds can be placed on any background of your choice. As mentioned above, if you're using After Effects, any of the clips can be used with the free
Knoll "UnMult" plugin which removes the black from the clips by creating an alpha channel - it works really well with the rain and smoke clips.

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